Insider tips Madrid:
Nov. 25 2016
by Theo

Insider tips Madrid:
Insider tips for Madrid

Meet Edu and Manu! Spanish couple looking to meet new people around the world. When you go to Madrid, they want you to see the best in the city.


What makes Madrid a favorite gay destination?

Madrid is one of the most open minded cities with the gay community. It's not just a place to have parties in a great weather, but a place where anyone can feel and live in a free way.


What is the best gay event that takes place in Madrid?

Madrid Gay Pride is the best Gay Event. It takes place during the first weekend of July.


What is your favorite gay establishment to grab a bite for lunch? a nice dinner?

One of the things that Madrid offer to the gay community is a huge restaurants offer, not necessarily gay. There are restaurants everywhere, many of them in the gay area like DIURNO, BAZAR, VIVARES.


Best gay bar for a cheap beer?

Places like FUEL, ENFRENTE, HOT can offer cheap drinks


Best gay bar for a refreshing cocktail?



Which famous gay person is from Madrid?

Jesús Vázquez (TV Shows Host), Quique Sarasola (CEO of Roommate Hotels), Alejandro Amenábar (Cinema Director)


Ready to go dancing--what is the best gay dance club?

I'd suggest my guests to check the KLUSTER out.


Which gay bar offers the best happy hour on a Wednesday?

It is not very usual to have happy hours on the gay scene.


Where to start a gay tour in Madrid?

Without any doubt start your visit at Puerta del Sol, the center of the city.


Best place to socialize with the local gay community?

We have a gay area called CHUECA, but Madrid is one of this places where gay community is not considered as living in a Ghetto. Gay people live and are everywhere.


Best place to be surrounded by the local gays?

The gay area: CHUECA


How gay-friendly is Madrid?

All the people from Madrid has devoted all their time to making gay community feel and live free.


A gay place for brunch on weekends?



What is gay life like in Madrid?

The best of being gay in Madrid is that, there is no difference between being gay, lesbian, straight, etc


What are your favourite gay venues in Madrid?

I really want to strengthen the value I share and say that being gay in Madrid means that there is no difference. So I don't particularly go to 'gay venues'. Check any of the places mentioned above!


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