Top Trending Domestic US Destinations to Visit for US Travelers
May 08 2021
by Lachlan

Top Trending Domestic US Destinations to Visit for US Travelers

If you happen to be living in the US, we imagine you’ve already started planning your domestic summer vacation. While 2020 was a bleak year for the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and its accompanying lockdowns and travel restrictions, 2021 is looking up for the US in particular. Latest figures from Bloomberg reveal a daily vaccination rate of roughly 3 million people, with 75% of the population expected to have their first jab by the end of July. Additionally, misterb&b data reveals a month-on-month increase of more than 25% in domestic bookings in the US, with US travelers opting for some unique local destinations to visit indeed! So if you want to celebrate the travel rebound with a much needed vacay somewhere different, check out our round-up of top trending US destinations right now, and get packing. 


Wilton Manors

Craving a weekend vacay in an LGBTQ hotspot by the sea? You need to get yourself to Wilton Manors. Wilton Manors is South Florida’s most famous gayborhood, and ranks in position two after Provincetown in terms of the number of same-sex couples per capita in the USA. Wilton Drive is the town’s epicentre, offering everything from restaurants, gay bars, and candy! If you happen to have a sweet tooth, you’ll be pleased to know Wilton Manors is home to confectionery from 87 different countries. The tradition dates back 1806, and today local shops sell floor-to-ceiling shelves of candies, liquorice, and chocolate. Wilton Manors is located just north of Fort Lauderdale, and is within easy reach of the coast, should you crave a day at the sea.

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Rise like a phoenix this season with a vacay down south to Phoenix. The capital of Arizona, and the sixth most populous city in the USA, Phoenix may sometimes fall in the shadows of America’s larger counterparts of NYC and San Francisco, but it still stands its ground as a great city break destination. Boasting roughly 300 days of sunshine per year, Phoenix is the kind of place that sheds a little light on today’s rather bleak climate. Come rain or shine, the city is home to a surprisingly active LGBTQ scene. Just like the city itself, the gay scene is quite dispersed, however the majority of LGBTQ life can be found in the Melrose District,  between 7th Ave and 7th Street and Indian School and Camelback Mountain roads. Outside of Covid times, you can enjoy a mix of gay bars, cocktail terraces, and full-scale gay clubs in the area. An additional bonus of Phoenix is its proximity to popular tourist sites such as the Grand Canyon for those seeking a day trip out of the city.

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When you think of warm weather, coastal air, and a domestic vacation to celebrate the travel rebound, we can imagine Florida is at the top of your list. And why not? With an average temperature of 28°C from April to October, along with white sandy gay beaches in Miami such as 12th Street Beach, this is THE kind of place for an LGBTQ summer vacay. Days at the beach are the norm in Miami, and at 12th Street Beach, you’ll feel right at home with suspended rainbow flags, nearby food and beverage spots including the iconic Palace Restaurant & Bar, and plenty of other gay travelers to meet. Miami is also home to the legendary Gaythering Hotel, which offers both accommodation, and daily entertainment at its in-house bar and restaurant - yes karaoke is included! Alternatively, peruse our selection of misterb&b apartments in Miami, many of which come with swimming pools.  

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Ever visited Atlanta before? According to misterb&b booking data, the southern capital of Georgia is a popular destination for US travelers. Georgia recently drew considerable attention during the 2020 Presidential Election, in which the now President, Joe Biden, triumphantly turned the staunchly red state into a democrat stronghold. While Atlanta was almost entirely burnt to the ground during the American Civil War, it is now renowned for its dense tree coverage throughout the city, giving it the nickname “The City in a Forest”. Atlanta is also home to a thriving LGBTQ scene, with 12.8% of the population identifying as LGBTQ. When choosing your misterb&b accommodation in Atlanta, Midtown and Cheshire Bridge are the main LGBTQ hangouts and sure deliver a good time. 

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A concrete jungle where dreams are made of, the city that never sleeps, New York has garnered countless references in popular culture, and for good reason. Arguably one of the world’s most lively cities, NYC will never bore you. Spend your day in Central Park, then take a ferry out to Liberty Island to see the iconic Statue of Liberty. Those seeking some LGBTQ culture should make a beeline for Greenwich Village, the city’s original gayborhood. Greenwich Village was the birthplace of the LGBTQ civil rights movement, which took place outside the Stonewall Inn in 1969. The area still offers a bohemian, LGBTQ atmosphere, but if you want to explore queer culture with a twist, Hell’s Kitchen and Indie-inspired Williamsburg in Brooklyn will certainly deliver. With loads of misterb&b hosts ready to welcome you in New York, what’s stopping you from a visit to the Big Apple this season?

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This may come as a surprise, but Orlando actually offers one of the liveliest LGBTQ scenes in the US. While the city’s main claim to fame is its theme parks, local LGBTQ life is sure making a name for itself. Excellent weather, a cosmopolitan vibe, and a distinctly Latin flair give Orlando its discernible charm, something which keeps LGBTQ travelers coming in the masses. Following the Pulse nightclub tragedy in 2016, the local LGBTQ community has become even more united and committed to inclusivity and diversity, with the city still adorned in rainbow flags and LGBTQ-themed light displays. If you’re a child at heart, a visit to Orlando’s famous theme parks including Universal Studios and Walt Disney World will tick all the boxes. While both parks are open, stringent Covid guidelines have been implemented, including prior reservations and social distancing measures. As well as these attractions, Orlando offers a great mix of misterb&b apartments and LGBTQ-friendly hotels to promise an excellent stay.  

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Los Angeles 

It’s only natural that we were going to include Los Angeles in our list of trending destinations in the US, and based on our booking data, it appears as though the City of Angels is hot to trot right now with US travelers. There are many things LA does right, including its weather, its proximity to excellent beaches like Venice Beach, and its famous gayborhood, West Hollywood. But Los Angeles is not just home to one gayborhood. Downtown has become the next best thing in terms of attracting the cool LGBTQ crowd. The area is home to great pizza joints, bars, and music venues, all of which you can enjoy outside of Covid times. But one of the biggest appeals of LA is its proximity to other excellent locations along the coast, including beautiful Santa Monica. Its iconic pier definitely makes for the perfect backdrop for some Insta selfies, so we’re ready to see yours!

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