Inside Berlin's Most Booked misterb&b
Oct. 04 2021
by Lachlan

Inside Berlin's Most Booked misterb&b

Berlin is hands down one of Europe's most popular LGBTQ destinations, and speaking of popular, we thought we'd also share the city's most booked misterb&b apartment. We got the inside scoop from proud Berlin host, Marty, on why he thinks his misterb&b has been crowned with the winning title. He imagines one reason is thanks to is his beautiful dog, Lola!


Why do you think your apartment is the most booked misterb&b in Berlin?

I didn’t know it was the most booked in Berlin, so when misterb&b told me, I felt an enormous sense of pride! I think it is probably due to a number of reasons. I live in a really great part of the city, it is safe, clean and central. It is a short walk to the main shopping street and also the gay district. I love living here! I also think the fact that I have a private garden is also a big plus. It is like my secret green oasis in the city, and I have invested so much time in making it a great space in which to relax, sunbathe, take a coffee or just breathe.

Guests also have a separate bathroom just for them. I think my dog Lola also helps. She loves visitors, and is so friendly. Some repeat guests say they even came back to see Lola especially! Finally I would like to think that I had some part to play. I honestly love hosting, and I have met some true friends through the experience. I try hard to ensure that guests feel comfortable and at home during their stay. I am reliable, friendly and I really enjoy offering people a home-away-from-home sort of visit.


What does hosting for the LGBTQ community mean to you and why did you become a host?

For me, hosting is about a real connection with the community. I think in these days of hook-up apps, bars and clubs, misterb&b offers a very different platform to meet guys from all walks of life. I think guests feel safer and more comfortable renting a room with a gay guy. They know there will be no judgement and I think it also offers a sense of freedom. Some of my guests ask about a clothing-optional stay, and who am I to judge? I am often naked at home myself - it’s my home after all ;) It is all about feeling at home and feeling at ease. With some guests, we drink wine or a coffee and I hope that very quickly someone feels comfortable with me. We get judged so often and I think as a gay man we need to be more accepting and supportive of each other. I am proud to fly that rainbow flag!


In your opinion what attracts guests to Berlin?

Berlin is the best, most tolerant, diverse and gay-friendly city in Europe, possibly in the world! What wouldn’t attract a guest to Berlin? The men here are beautiful! We also have an amazing gay pride parade (Christopher St. Day) plus Folsom Europe. There is something here to cater to every taste! You can go to gay beaches at the lakes and parks, there are bars, clubs and events for all ages and every fetish, saunas and parties. There is never a dull moment, and Berlin is famous for its’ live-and-live attitude to life. People literally move here so that they can be who they are meant to be. Aside from all of the gay attractions here, you can also dive into Berlin’s history and culture. It truly is a world city so the shopping and cuisine is also excellent. It is also an affordable city with great public transport. My heart really lives here.


What is your best memory of a guest?

Oh wow there are so many! I even had an American porn star drop by for a week once! The experience that stands out for me though is a gay Iranian guy who visited. He had met his Spanish boyfriend online but they had never met. He had flown to Berlin so they could be in a neutral place for their first meeting and also as he was signed up for a gay tango festival here. He arrived a couple of days before the mystery boyfriend and we talked about growing up gay in Iran. Later in the week the boyfriend arrived (and also stayed at mine) and so they met for the first time. It was love and they spent the whole week together. They were such a great match and it was heart-warming to see their relationship bloom. On the final day we all shared a dinner and they told me they were getting engaged and invited me to their wedding! It had all happened under my roof so that’s pretty impressive right.


Describe your perfect day in Berlin

Breakfast with friends at my favourite 24-hour brekkie place ‘Benedict’. It’s only a five-minute walk from my place, and their eggs benedict is to die for! After that, I’d take Lola to Tiergarten and throw some sticks! Then I’d head with my bike (Berlin is very bike-friendly) to one of the many weekend flea markets to hunt for bargains. I might stop for lunch at Thai Park (also near my place) which is a huge open-air Asian food market where the picnic never ends and the locals cook the food.

After lunch I might head to Wannsee where I can sunbathe naked on the gay beach there and chill with my book or swim for a while. In the evening, I would head out to Roses Bar, a super fun kitsch bar with disco balls and glittery virgin Madonnas. After a cocktail or two I would finish off somewhere like Laboratory Club - heaven for gay men of any age!


Why should a guest stay with you?

To enjoy the real Berlin and to get an insider’s view on what to enjoy during a stay here. If you want to experience that, then my place is perfect! Plus I am friendly and honest and go out of my way to ensure my guests have the best possible stay. Oh, and Lola will love you too!


How has hosting impacted your life?   

I have met many people who arrive as guests and leave as friends. Recently I was in Luxembourg visiting, and whilst there met up with a previous guest from Uruguay who has now moved there. I hung out with him and his boyfriend. I‘d never have met them had it not been for misterb&b! I have had so many great interactions with guests. During the covid pandemic when bookings slowed down, I missed it! It is a window to the LGBTQ community that I simply love being a part of.


Give us 3 reasons why you recommend hosting on misterb&b 

It’s run by the community and for the community.

It's a reliable, safe, and well-organised platform.

You get to meet so many great people! I can’t fault it!


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