Host Story: Down Under in Sydney
Apr. 05 2022
by Lachlan

Host Story: Down Under in Sydney

Meet Peter, a passionate misterb&b host in Sydney who's renowned for his excellent guest reviews - and we understand why! Peter has been offering up a room in his gorgeous home in lively Surry Hills to the global LGBTQ travel community for years, and he shows no signs of slowing down. For Peter, he wants to provide a comfortable space for his guests and help them be themselves in Sydney - two absolutely worthy causes for us!  


Why did you become a host?

I love the international perspective that being a host brings - seeing Sydney through the eyes of a guest can feel like being on holiday without having to even leave the house! I also have the advantage of living in Surry Hills, one of Sydney’s oldest (and now gayest) neighborhoods. My house was built in the 1870s, making it one of the oldest in Sydney, and I love sharing this unique quality with my guests.

What does hosting for the LGBTQ community mean to you?

Hosting for the LGBTQ community means providing a comfortable space for my guests to just be themselves when visiting Sydney. I love traveling, and as I often travel solo (having used misterb&b in Australia, as well as in the USA, South Africa and Hong Kong) it feels great to be able to return the experience by offering my home to LGBTQ travelers wanting to enjoy Sydney like a local.  

In your opinion what attracts guests to Sydney?

Sydney’s geographic beauty, lifestyle, weather and beaches make it a fantastic city to visit and relax in for a few days. It’s also a very easy place to be LGBTQ - Sydney really embraces the local community. In 2023, we will be hosting World Pride from February 17 to March 5, so we’re looking forward to welcoming our international visitors again!

What is your best memory of a guest?

I’ve enjoyed welcoming all of my misterb&b guests from around Australia and around the world. Back in 2015, I was one of the first misterb&b hosts in Sydney, and since then, every guest has brought something unique. My very first guest was from Venice, and we just clicked from the moment he walked in the door. We’ve remained good friends - I’ve visited him in Italy now three times.


Do you feel more involved with the LGBTQ community since you started hosting?

I’ve always had some involvement with Sydney’s LGBTQ community on different levels, but since hosting I’m more aware of what is happening in Sydney and what is on offer. Particularly around the annual Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, there are loads of fun activities, so is good to have the opportunity to visit events and exhibitions with my guests.

Describe your perfect day in Sydney

A perfect day in Sydney would of course have perfect weather, so the day would start with exploring the Surry Hills neighbourhood, followed by brunch and a coffee at one of the many good cafes in the neighbourhood. I highly recommend SuzieQ and Four Ate Five, which are both an easy walk from my house. This would then be followed by a trip to the city center to visit the Sydney Opera House and walk across the Harbor Bridge.

Sydney really does have dozens of awesome beaches to choose from, including great Pacific Ocean surf beaches as well three naked beaches dotted around Sydney Harbor which are accessible by ferry. In the evening once the sun starts the set, I would suggest heading back to Surry Hills, or even Darlinghurst or Newtown for some of the world's best Thai food and a rooftop bar to watch the sun set.

When is the best time to visit Sydney and why?

Definitely summer - it's hot and humid, and the sun doesn’t set until after 8pm so any day can finish with an ocean swim. Autumn and spring are also both great, with clear sunny days and no humidity. In winter, it's dark in Sydney by 5:15pm, it is also summer in the Northern Hemisphere - many of my guests fly into Sydney during these months before exploring other destinations in Australia.


How has hosting impacted your life?

The day-to-day rhythm of life is definitely more interesting being a misterb&b host. I really enjoy the host-guest dynamics in making sure my guests’ stay is effortless, as well as the insights and stories they bring into my home. For a misterb&b guest, sharing someone’s house is like living like a local - it's a much more authentic and memorable experience than staying in a hotel.

Give us three reasons why you recommend hosting on misterb&b

It gives you perspective, you can meet new people, and it's just a lot of fun! 


Why should a guest stay with you?

I really enjoy sharing my quaint home with guests. It is very close to the city center with a guest room at a very affordable price. While my home is right in the middle of Sydney's gay neighbourhood and just 10 minutes from all the action of the city, it is located in a narrow and quiet street making it a welcomed retreat. I’m also working from home at the moment, which means I am always around to give suggestions on how to make your stay fabulous!


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