Discovering VACAYA: The Ultimate LGBTQ+ Vacation Experience
Feb. 07 2023
by Vacaya

Discovering VACAYA: The Ultimate LGBTQ+ Vacation Experience




VACAYA is a travel company that specializes in providing all-inclusive LGBTQ+ vacations, including all-gay cruises and resorts. Their vacations offer travelers a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. With a commitment to creating a safe and accepting environment, VACAYA caters to the entire LGBTQ+ community and their straight ally friends.


Why VACAYA is Welcoming to All

At VACAYA, the team recognizes the importance of creating a space where gay, lesbian, queer, transgender, non-binary, people of all body shapes and sizes, and more travelers can feel comfortable and accepted. With a range of events and activities designed to bring like-minded guests together and foster a sense of community, VACAYA is a destination that promises to deliver an inclusive and unforgettable experience.

New Destinations and Unique Experiences

VACAYA is always exploring new destinations, from beautiful beaches to tropical resorts, to provide guests with a range of unique and exciting experiences. With unlimited dining options, affordable drinks, and value oriented to luxurious accommodations, guests can expect a truly relaxing and enjoyable experience.


Exciting LGBTQ+ Entertainment and Signature VACAYA Activities

The experienced events team at VACAYA works tirelessly to provide a range of entertaining options, from live shows and concerts to games and activities. With something for everyone, guests can expect a vacation filled with excitement and unforgettable memories. In addition, VACAYA offers signature activities, such as themed parties and pool games, that are exclusive to their guests.  

Opportunities to Give Back

VACAYA is committed to giving back to the communities they visit, offering guests the opportunity to get involved in local initiatives and volunteer projects. Whether it’s helping to maintain a local beach or participating in a community building project, guests can leave a positive impact while on vacation.


Endless Fun and Adventure

For those seeking adventure, VACAYA offers a wide range of activities and excursions, from water sports and adventure tours to cultural experiences and local attractions. With so many options, guests are sure to have a vacation filled with endless opportunities for fun and adventure.


Friends for Life

VACAYA is more than just a vacation destination – it’s a community of friends who share a love of travel and adventure. With a commitment to fostering a sense of community, guests can expect to make lifelong connections and memories during their stay.

5th Birthday Celebration all year long!

And on August 11, 2019, this first large-scale adults-only full-ship/full-resort charter company built for the entire LGBT+ community hosted its inaugural cruise on Celebrity Summit to Ptown – a first in LGBT+ travel history. Five years later in 2023, guests will experience that excitement anew when they embark on all of VACAYA’s 5th Birthday Celebration vacations, as the company continues the evolution, reimagination, and development of the perfect LGBT+ vacation.  

VACAYA is a travel company that offers a unique and inclusive vacation experience for the LGBTQ+ community and their friends and allies. With new destinations, exciting entertainment, opportunities to give back, endless fun and adventure, and friends for life, VACAYA is a destination that promises to deliver an unforgettable experience. To learn more and book your LGBTQ+ vacation, visit VACAYA.com or follow them on social @myVACAYA.

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