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Gay Brussels

Gay Brussels

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Belgium's capital, Brussels, is one of the most gay-friendly cities in central Europe. The country as a whole is one of the most welcoming to gay travelers from around the world, and Belgium has had legal same-sex marriage policies in place since 2000. Couples here have also been able to legally adopt children since 2006. City authorities in Brussels continue to work to make the city one of the top gay tourism destinations in the region. The metropolitan area hosts some of the biggest and longest-running gay events in Europe. Fortunately, Brussels is also very well located, and is easily accessible by train, car rental, air travel or bus travel. 

Main Gay Brussels Neighborhoods

The local gay population in Brussels is concentrated in the neighborhoods surrounding the Rue du Marché au Charbon. More gay neighborhoods are located near the city center, near the main 'drag' known as Grand Place. Both these neighborhoods are hot spots for some of the best gay bars in Brussels, clubs and gay saunas. Among the most popular bars are Belgica, Boys Boudoir, Stammbar and Plattesteen. One of the most highly recommended local gay-friendly restaurants is Chez Martin. 

Gay Brussels Events

For the past 27 years and counting, Brussels has hosted the oldest and one of the most well-attended gay parties in Europe. The event's called La Démence, and it attracts a large gay international crowd of various ages and from all walks of life. The dance party has different themes every year, and attendees are encouraged to dress accordingly. Travelers are advised to purchase tickets ahead of time because they tend to sell quickly. Other large-scale gay dance parties in Brussels include Flash Tea Dance and Revelation. The city also hosts the annual Brussels Games sports tournament and the Pink Screen LGBT Film Festival. 

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