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Gay Montreal
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Unlike many North American cities, sauna culture is alive and well in gay Montreal. With a handful of options catering to various clientele and fetish personalities, if you love the idea of hitting up a gay sauna, Montreal has you covered.

Sauna Oasis is the most popular sauna in Montreal. The 24/7 establishment has large steam rooms, a hot tub, and many nooks and crannies to get lost in.

For fetish parties and leather lovers, Sauna GI Joe is the ultimate choice. The venue is frequented by a kinkier crowd and is the best reviewed, as well as the cleanest sauna in the city. A dungeon is even available for rent in the basement.

More gay saunas in Montreal

You won’t find pulsing music at Sauna Centre-Ville Spas. While it maintains a cruisey environment, it’s the perfect option for those looking to relax with more mature locals.

Outside of the village on the Plateau, closer to Mile End, you’ll find a few more local gay Montreal saunas like Sauna St. Hubert and Bain Colonia, which tend to be less popular for visitors.

Gay Strip Clubs in Montreal

Before heading to the saunas to release their steam, Montreal visitors often head to one of the city's hottest strip clubs. American cities often have laws that prohibit full frontal nudity, which means that American strip clubs offer all sizzle but no steak. But in Montreal, you can expect the Full Monty!

Some of the top local favorites include Taboo, Lux, Campus and Stock Bar. Grab a drink, watch the guys hit the stage, and prepare yourself for some of the best action in the city.

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