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Gay Lisbon

Lisbon Gay Bars & Clubs

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Lisbon is easily one of the hottest destinations in the world for gay travelers. Filled with plenty of activities and attractions, the city offers a little something for every shape and size. When it comes to gay bars, Lisbon locals know just where the hot spots are. Even if you don't know a soul before you arrive, you'll leave with plenty of new friends.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are two districts or neighborhoods that are popular with local gays. Bairro Alto has a slightly rough and tumble feel that appeals to those looking for something a little different. Principe Real has a more traditional feel to it. Before you head out, keep in mind that locals tend to party a little later in the day. The best time to hit the bars is between 11pm and midnight, and most don't head to the clubs until 3am or later. If you get there too soon, you might just find yourself the odd man out.

When searching for gay bars in Lisbon, locals can't get enough of Bar Tr3s. The almost comical name comes from the fact that it's the hottest place in the city for bears. Whether you're a baby bear or a papa bear, you'll surely find someone you'll want to picnic with on your trip. Other hot bars in the city include Woof LX, Club de Esquina, Setimo Ceu, Bar 106 and Bar Etilco.

While visitors love the gay bars in Lisbon, locals know that the clubs are even more exciting. Top clubs include Fragil, Construction, Trumps, and Finalmente which hosts drag shows nearly every night. Whether you want to perform in a show yourself or just watch the action, you won't want to miss this hot spot. Visitors and locals both love LUX too. Hundreds of people hit this club every weekend and party long enough to watch the sunrise. LUX offers all the thrills and excitement you might expect from an exotic gay club. No matter what your reasons are for visiting Lisbon, be sure to visit one or more of these hip clubs and bars - you'll create some pretty cool memories. 

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