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misterb&b now offers the exciting opportunity to book gay and gay-friendly hotels everywhere in the world, as an alternative to our current community-based room and apartment sharing service with 310,000 hosts in 135 countries. Our portfolio of hotels has been selected by the misterb&b team, and adheres to our mission and vision of providing a safe, welcoming accommodation experience for the global LGBTQ community.


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Why adding gay hotels?


In certain destinations, we have a limited number of active hosts, and we believe adding selected hotels will offer a great alternative for our community. We also want to address the needs of gay travelers who may occasionally be more interested in the location/services/amenities offered by hotels rather than in a great experience with a misterb&b host.

This new offering of gay and gay-friendly hotels will welcome even more people to the misterb&b global community of gay travelers, and help the LGBTQ community travel more safely and feel welcome wherever they go.

Additionally, we will develop new features that will allow guests to connect with one another when they book hotels through misterb&b. Connecting the community while traveling has always been a core value and goal for us.


gay hotel


gay hotel


How did we select these hotels?

As gay is in our DNA, it was paramount that these hotels not only promoted a welcoming attitude and acceptance of the LGBTQ community, but that they also appealed to LGBTQ travelers. We came up with four main categories:


Gay hotel

Gay hotels selected by misterb&b

A gay hotel is a hotel, guesthouse, resort or B&B which accepts gay guests either exclusively or in the main. In some cases, these hotels present themselves as “straight-friendly” or “hetero-friendly”.

Gay-friendly hotel

Gay-friendly hotels selected by misterb&b

To select and designate these gay-friendly hotels, we had to verify their welcoming attitude and acceptance of the LGBTQ community. We considered many criteria including the following: support or affiliation to LGBTQ organizations such as the IGLTA, TagApproved, the NGLCC (USA), the LGBTNetwork, etc.; efforts to reach out to the LGBTQ community (LGBTQ section on their websites, marketing spent on LGBTQ outlets, staff training (Out Now), etc.); and HRC ratings (USA).

misterb&b LGBT welcoming hotel

This hotel has signed the misterb&b LGBTQ welcoming charter

While we have curated all hotels on offer, some hotels go that extra step to affirm their acceptance of the LGBTQ community and misterb&b guests, by signing the misterb&b Welcoming Charter. This is what they have committed to:

• We certify that the hotel management and hotel staff welcome all people regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.

• Further we agree to challenge homophobic and transphobic behavior and ensure a positive and welcoming environment for our guests.

• Through a courteous attitude that excludes judgment, our hotel will work to ensure a peaceful stay for its LGBTQ clientele (information, safety, quality of service and discretion).

Gay hotel

Standard Hotels offered through misterb&b

We have also selected some standard hotels that we believe are a good fit for LGBTQ travelers. Why? Thanks to their location, services, amenities, rates, and their good overall reputation, we believe these hotels appeal to LGBTQ travelers in general. At this point though, we have not been able to verify their welcoming attitude and acceptance of the LGBTQ community. Nonetheless, we continue to ensure hotels with a history of homophobic behavior or homophobic owners are not listed on misterb&b.



Why book a gay hotel with misterb&b?


Thanks to the great partnerships we were able to form, we can offer very competitive hotel rates. This means you can save the extra cash for that last martini at the local gay bar - double win. The instant booking feature also means you won’t need to wait for host approval before packing your suitcase! The reviews left for the hotels also come from other LGBTQ travelers, which helps to promote transparency and safety within the community.

If you book a gay hotel room with us, you are also supporting a gay-owned and gay-operated business, misterb&b, which in turn means you are strengthening the global gay community. With these bookings, we are also able to sponsor charitable LGBTQ organizations through our mister for Good program, and assist more marginalized members of the community.


Whether you choose a host, an entire apartment, or a swanky gay hotel room, it is time to explore the world and experience your pride through the wide range of accommodation options offered by misterb&b. You had us at room service!


Explore a More Welcoming World.

Gay and gay-friendly hotels selected by misterb&b. Great prices. Book with us, support a gay business.

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