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A sharing economy company and the world’s largest gay travel community with 310,000 hosts in 135 countries, misterb&b is proud to offer investors the opportunity to help more gay travelers stay safe around the world.

With homosexuality still illegal in a third of the world, and punishable by death in 8 countries, traveling the globe remains potentially life-threatening for LGBTQ travelers. Often referred to as “Airbnb for gay men” (Forbes) or a “gay travel revolution” (CNN), misterb&b connects like-minded travelers who share common values. misterb&b hosts provide safe and welcoming accommodation for LGBTQ travelers, as well as insider tips to help them stay like LGBTQ locals.


Operating in a very active segment of the global travel market, misterb&b has established some strong competitive advantages (operations & back office, marketing, brand). While facing increased regulation, we still continue to grow and maintain high retention within the market.

misterb&b recently gave its community the opportunity to invest in the company through an oversubscribed crowdfunding campaign. With $1.4M USD raised, we were able to soft launch the addition of 100,000 hotel rooms to our inventory. Hotels extend our brand, customer base and available destinations! The added feature also provides a tremendous opportunity to scale and accelerate the growth of misterb&b.


Are you also interested in taking misterb&b to a new level, and together creating a more welcoming world?

We currently have an open round, and are welcoming new investors to our cap table right now. The minimum investment amount is $25K USD.

If you’re a business angel, a family office, or a small fund, invest now! We have a presentation to share with you to kick-start start the conversation. Simply leave your details, and we’ll get back to you shortly.