misterb&b: our vision and mission


misterb&b is committed to creating a world that is accepting and non-judgmental; a welcoming world in which you can share the excitement of discovery, and create lifelong memories and friendships.

Helping people make a personal connection, not only with the local culture but also with the local people, is how we give back to the global LGBTQ community. (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer). Through our platform, we aim to create a shared sense of hospitality and respect.

Inclusivity is at the core of misterb&b, and is what helps up to continue to grow as a company. While the initial idea for misterb&b came from our CEO’s experience as a gay man, misterb&b recognizes the importance of extending its service of providing safe and welcoming stays to the entire LGBTQ community.




In 2014, misterb&b Co-Founder & CEO, Matthieu, rented an apartment in Barcelona with his partner. Upon arrival, it was clear that the host was uncomfortable with gay travelers staying in her home. She even asked “are you going to sleep in the same bed?”.

That experience made it clear to him that a short-term rental service by and for gay travelers was needed to help provide not only a safe and comfortable experience, but also one where members of the LGBTQ community could connect and expand their sense of community on a global scale. From this vision, misterb&b was born.

Today, misterb&b has evolved handsomely into the largest gay hotelier in the world, with 310,000 hosts in over 135 countries. Choose from cozy apartments, private rooms and amazing homes, gay-friendly hotels and experience LGTBQ hospitality at its best.




Since the beginning, misterb&b has made it a goal to give back to the community by helping ensure a safe travel experience. We believe it’s incumbent upon us to also give back by making a positive difference in the lives of the global gay community. We make an annual donation to a multitude of LGBTQ organizations that can be found on our Mister for Good page.

Because we cater to a global community of gay hosts and guests, the misterb&b experience offers a superior level of personal connection and hospitality. It enables LGBTQ travelers to earn money from their spare space, and affordably travel the world feeling welcome anywhere that they go.

Through misterb&b, we encourage you to explore the world and experience your pride.

“I have learned that there are many instances to expand tolerance even within our own community. Being a member of the LGBTQ community does not make us immune from prejudice or other modes of discrimination. Speaking to people from different backgrounds with different points of view is the best way to make the world a safer more tolerant place.”

Will - misterb&b host in Taipei




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