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The misterb&b mission

4 years ago, Matthieu, misterb&b co-founder & CEO, booked a shared apartment in Barcelona with his partner. Upon arrival it was clear the host was not comfortable with gay men staying in her home. She even asked “are you going to sleep in the same bed?”

That experience made clear to him that a short-term rental service by and for gay men was needed to help provide not only a safe and comfortable experience but also one where gay men can connect and expand their sense of community.

misterb&b helps connect the global gay community by enabling gay men to earn money from their spare space and affordably travel the world feeling welcome anywhere they go.

We bring gay men together in real life experiences

We organize meet ups in cities around the world. A great opportunity to meet hosts and travelers. Join us for a drink and networking and connect with the global gay community! 


The misterb&b vision

misterb&b envisions and helps create a world where gay men more easily travel and interact in the “real world” fostering greater connections and strengthening the global gay community.