Donnie welcomes you!

My name is Donnie I’m 33 years old. 
I live already 10 years in my appartement/loft.
My job is : Event manager/organizer so Im the guy behind some big festivals in the summer in Amsterdam. 
P.S if you like I can always help you on a guest list. ( ssst that’s between us ) 
I love behing around positive people , also I like the idea that I being a part of your vacation. 
Like my job my passion is to give people the time of there life, sometimes I go a bit to over the top hihi if you ask me for ...

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  • Donnie
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Spoken languages: Nederlands
  • Phone verified

Donnie's accommodations

Private Room Loft Amsterdam centre
Entire place • Amsterdam New Be the first to visit this place!
Covid-19 Fighter • Wi-Fi • Pets allowed